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THOR Bone Splitter Tool

THOR Bone Splitter Tool:
Uses and Specs

THOR Bone splitter is a combination hammer/axe tool in which the axe is stored within the hammer and held in place by a rubber prong.

The THOR Bone Splitter is a better tool than a simple hand axe because it is correctly balanced so it is light in the hand, but able to deliver a deadly force blow that splits bone cleanly.

This tool was designed for hunters, for field dressing and splitting the bones/pelvis of large game.

However, it's so versatile that it is also being used by emergency responders, paramedics and firefighers who need a light yet tough and accurate hand axe, and by veterinarians doing surgical procedures requiring clean cleaving of bone. Survivalists, woodsmen and campers are using the Thor BoneSplitter for splitting wood as well as bone, and Alpine climbers and mountaineers have been using it as a replacement hammer to set pitons as it can be hung from a belt loop.

It is made out of 17-4 Stainless Surgical Steel for durability and easy cleaning. It can be sterilized for surgical use.

It has a handy hole in the handle so it can be attached to a carabiner and hung from your tool belt.

The tool can be bought as a whole unit (Hammer/Axe including the rubber prong) for $89.99 or the Axe can be purchased separately for $35.

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